BERG Inground Trampolines

BERG Inground Trampolines in Ireland


  • Inground Favorit – round, oval and rectangular,

  • Inground Champion – round, oval and rectangular,

  • Inground Elite – round and oval.

Trampolines are a fantastic way to keep children entertained and active while also improving their physical health. However, when it comes to choosing a trampoline for your family, there are two main options to consider: above ground trampolines and inground trampolines.

While both types of trampolines have their benefits, inground trampolines offer several advantages over above ground trampolines, especially for parents in Ireland. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key benefits of inground trampolines and why they may be the best choice for your family.

  1. Safety

One of the most significant advantages of inground trampolines is their superior safety compared to above ground trampolines. With an above ground trampoline, there is a risk of falling off the trampoline and injuring yourself on the ground below. Even with safety nets and other safety features, accidents can still occur.

In contrast, inground trampolines are flush with the ground, meaning that if someone falls off the trampoline, they will only fall a short distance onto the ground. This greatly reduces the risk of injury and gives parents peace of mind knowing that their children are playing on a safe trampoline.

  1. Aesthetics

Another benefit of inground trampolines is their aesthetic appeal. Above ground trampolines can be an eyesore in a garden, especially when not in use. They can be large and bulky and may not fit in with the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

In contrast, inground trampolines are much more discreet and can blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment. When not in use, they are virtually invisible, allowing your garden to maintain its natural beauty. This is especially important for parents in Ireland, where outdoor space is often at a premium and every square metre counts.

  1. Durability

Inground trampolines are also more durable than above ground trampolines. Above ground trampolines are exposed to the elements, including wind, rain, and sun, which can cause damage over time. Inground trampolines, on the other hand, are protected by the ground, which acts as a natural shield against the weather.

In addition, inground trampolines are less likely to be damaged by falling objects, such as tree branches, which can damage above ground trampolines. This means that inground trampolines are likely to last longer and require less maintenance than their above ground counterparts.

  1. Accessibility

Inground trampolines are also more accessible than above ground trampolines. With an above ground trampoline, users must climb up a ladder to get onto the trampoline. This can be difficult for younger children, older adults, or anyone with mobility issues.

Inground trampolines, on the other hand, are flush with the ground, meaning that users can simply step onto the trampoline without the need for a ladder. This makes them much more accessible to a wider range of users and can make it easier for parents to supervise their children while they play.

  1. Better Performance

Finally, inground trampolines offer better performance than above ground trampolines. With an above ground trampoline, the frame and springs can cause a bounce that is inconsistent and can be difficult to control. Inground trampolines, however, provide a consistent bounce that is more natural and easier to control.

Inground trampolines also allow for more tricks and stunts to be performed as users can jump directly off the ground onto the trampoline, rather than having to climb a ladder. This can be especially important for older children and teenagers who want to practice more advanced trampoline moves.


  • In summary, inground trampolines offer several key benefits over above ground trampolines for parents in Ireland. They are safer, more aesthetically pleasing, more durable, more accessible, and offer better performance. While they may require a bit more effort and cost to install initially, they can provide years of safe and enjoyable play for your children.
  • When choosing an inground trampoline, it’s important to consider factors such as size, shape, and depth. Make sure you choose a trampoline that is appropriate for your space and your family’s needs. You should also consider adding safety features such as a safety net, padding, and a secure enclosure to ensure maximum safety.

    In addition, make sure to properly maintain your inground trampoline by regularly checking for damage and ensuring that it is clean and free from debris. This will not only help keep your trampoline in good condition but also ensure that it remains safe for your children to use.

    Overall, inground trampolines are an excellent choice for parents in Ireland who want to provide their children with a safe and enjoyable way to stay active and healthy. With their superior safety, aesthetics, durability, accessibility, and performance, they are a wise investment that can provide years of fun and fitness for the whole family.